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CHANTI premium subscription

CHANTI premium is for you who love jewellery and wish to receive aditional discount.


CHANTI premium customers receive 5% discount instantly when registering for subscription.

CHANTI premium customers are upgraded free of charge and receives 25% discount after 1 month subscription.


CHANTI premium subscription costs EURO 4 per month and you can terminate your subscription anytime.



Subscription terms & conditions

When subscribing for a CHANTI premium subscription you accept that CHANTI A/S may withdraw EURO 4 per month on your credit card after which you will be able to make use of the discount immediately. 

After 1 month subscription you will be upgraded and receive 25% discount on those jewellery included in the subscription terms. 

CHANTI premium rates may not be combined with any other offer or discount codes.

When terminating subscription, CHANTI reserves the right to terminate or amend terms and conditions of CHANTI premium subscriptions with one months' notice.


Termination of subscription and period of commitment

You can terminate you subscription anytime by logging on to your profile and unsubscribe. You will then receive an e-mail confirming that you have terminated you membership.

To terminate your membership, you must log on to your profile and unsubscribe. Due to technicalities you cannot terminate your subscription within 24 hours of signing up, and your subscription will expire the same day as you terminate it. This means that you can sign up, place an order with 5% discount and then terminate your subscription the following day. However, we do hope that you wish to remain a CHANTI premium customer for 1 month and receive 25% discount on all your orders. 

If your payment card is about to expire you will receive an e-mail reporting this, after which you can update your payment information and keep your CHANTI premium subscription. 


Right of cancellation

As in accordance to the statutory law on right of cancellation on 14 days, you can cancel your purchase of a CHANTI premium subscription, though only for a maximum of up to 14 days starting the day of subscription and only for as long as you have not made use of your discount within those 14 days.


Subscription renewal

Your subscription will automatically be renewed each month until you cancel.

Kontakt CHANTI

Werktage 13-14 Uhr
Telefon: 0045 33121300
E-mail: [email protected]

CVR: 28863845

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